Taking science to the crowd: Researchers, programmers and volunteer contributors transforming science online

Science increasingly turns to online volunteers through open calls for help in analysis of very large sets of data. This initiative goes under the banner of “citizen science”, crowdsourcing” or “crowd science” and is an important and innovative way for science to expand the workforce needed to manage large data sets. Contributions from a wider population into scientific knowledge production require arrangements to ensure quality. How is digital technologies used to enable volunteers with limited knowledge about theory and method to contribute to science? How is scientific rigour and data quality achieved? In this project more seldom investigated aspects of citizen science will also be explored: the expanded role voluntary contributors might play as their relationship to science is mediated through digital technologies and the development of own epistemic practices among engaged amateurs.

The project started late summer 2014 with funding from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg foundation (https://www.wallenberg.com/mmw/forskning/beviljade-anslag/projektanslag-2013).


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